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White House asks for brutal planetary NASA budget cuts


My response:

Our current society prizes the US currency as the leading currency of the world, despite its devalutation and the financial crisis that is affecting the USA. The world bank depends precarioulsy on the health of the US currency. When the US economy went down in the Wall Street fiasco, the world went down with it. Countries throughout the world felt the effects as bankers and stock brokers struggled frantically to balance out the disasterous effects. Prices soared and stocks were devalued, many a country was thrown into turmoil. As such it can be seen that the world depends on the US economy for financial stability, if anything were to adversely affect it, the reprecussions would affect the entire world too.

The NASA space programs aims to explore the universe that we exist in, to learn more about the cosmos and to develop a better understanding on how the universe works. But to incur such a great expense at a time like this simply isn’t worth. it. With the global economy still just barely recovering from the Global Financial Crisis, the world turns to the US to keep their economy running. With the government spending exoberent amounts of money on NASA space program, it will end out eventually lacking the funds to pursue other more helpful programs for its people, such as job employment offers and financial bailouts. Also, to top it off, the US is still in debt owing billions if not trillions of dollars to the IMF. Such expenditures on matters that do not directly affect the lives of the people should be stopped and the funds redirected.

With the world depending so heavily on the US economy, the USA has the sole responsibilty of managing its finances responsibly, and not waste money on far away space programs while there are jobless and homeless people right here on Earth wondering around on the streets, hoping that someone will somehow help them out. While Science may be important, the People on Earth matter more.

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  1. May 14, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    Your posts accurately represents one side of the story. However, I would like to present the other argument and iron out a few details.

    America does not owe trillions or billions or even hundreds to the IMF, the American government was able to bailout its own banks using its own funds such as public government sponsored companies like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to handle mortgages and bonds. The us dollar has been steady for a while now since recovering last year, so I don’t think their economy is in trouble.

    Although I do agree the allocation of taxpayer money to programs such as NASA can be seen as a waste, it has led to other discoveries and breakthroughs in technologies. Space age materials used to manufacture space craft are adapted to fit on airplanes, making global transport more efficient. Solar panels which were made more efficient to power space vehicles have also meant breakthroughs in solar power on Earth too.

    The pursuit of science is important to satisfy our need to know of the unknown, hence I do not think it is a huge waste or if it is of any less importance.

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