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Gender Inequality: Still at large in today’s society

Link: http://listverse.com/2008/11/20/10-extreme-examples-of-gender-inequality/

This is a great list of ten extreme examples of gender inequality and highlights very important issues of gender-specific human rights violations.

We should note, though, that only female inequality is included as it is usually, if not always, the girls who would be treated unfairly and not the guys.

There are some very hard hitting emotional stories included, like how 15 girls were forbidden from leaving a burning building by the Saudi Arabian religious police because their heads weren’t properly veiled which resulted in all of them dying. It is truly makes hard to believe that such inequalities still exist and it disgusts me to find that in China, girls can be strangled by their own umbilical cord after being born because their parents want a male child.

The examples of gender inequality given above are the most extreme cases, as mentioned by it’s title, but there are many other smaller cases of gender inequality existing even in western societies,. Women can get smaller salaries than men on average and the majority of top level management posts ate filled by men. The situation is improving though, and I can only hope that in the future the divide narrows further.

Jokes constantly go around about women’s incompetencies in certain things like driving. I, myself, have encountered cases where whenever a bad driver is seen, it is assumed to be a female. Even though, many times they do happen to be females, I am sure that there are many male drivers who are incompetent and female drivers who are incompetent. It pains me to see such stereotyping.

Furthermore, there are always jokes about how women should simply stay in the kitchen, the most recent of which is a trend for guys to say ‘Go make me a sandwich’ to girls. Below is a great example of such jokes circulating the internet.


I am a guy, but I am uncertain if it is too much to hope that someday the entire world will accord rights fairly to both genders.

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  1. qjyap
    April 29, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    Hi Harsh,

    I feel that your post is pretty insightful, but as you said yourself, the examples listed here are but mere extreme cases. I was glad to see that you addressed this by giving some examples in some of the more advanced societies of today, as well as mention the fact that this is rapidly changing today. However, what I would like to see more is something along the lines of how in the process trying to remove inequality, many societies inadvertently create another inequality. One example is in America, where women can kick the man out of the marital home if she files for divorce. This has become an easy means for them to take advantage of a rich man to earn a quick buck.

    One aspect of the blog that I liked was about how it has become a joke on the internet. This would show us that such discrimination is widely known to such an extent that it has become commonplace. Overall, I felt that the post was made fairly well.

  2. Jingyi Hu
    May 7, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Hi Harsh,

    ^ That and…
    I agree with you that there are many countries where the female population were undermined and mistreated. However, as Yap have mentioned, I think that the example are very extreme. I liked how you managed to bring China and the internet into the picture, which illustrate how absurd such a problem has gone. I additionally like it when you express your feeling towards it using phrases like “It pains me”.

    However, I think it lacked a few things, namely personal example/experiences and solutions to the problem. This will make your post stronger and more relevant to our lives. Basically, what you are short off is your own point of view. A point of view is why a person will want to read your post rather than simply searching it on the net. I particularly think you need to set a paragraph or so aside to make it clear on your entire take on the topic.

  3. tsairenjie
    May 7, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    Hi Harsh,

    I feel that you have not put in much thought into the issue. Yes, these may be extreme cases, but they are prevelant and of great significance considering the amount of females they affect. I feel that you should have delve further into the issue and provided us with some expert opinions and analysis or even your own on this issue.

    However, I do concur with you that the situation is improving, however i feel that you should have provided some examples. For one, Angela Merkel and many other women are starting to gain political power, a big step for females. Also, I feel that you should have analysed the cartoon comic that you provided. Associating how women have to be house-wifes and do chores all day long.

    All in all, a pretty insightful read. Thanks!

  4. May 9, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Hi Qi Jing,

    Thank you for commenting on my blog and I agree with you that sometimes it can switch around and end up being the women treating men unfairly due to their newfound power. I feel that men and woman are different; not better or worse, but different and only when each gender can accept that and recognize each others’ and their own strengths and weaknesses can society as a whole progress as both genders will be able to put their strengths together. I do agree that woman starting to kick men out is worrying.

    I also realize that I have failed to put any examples of men being treated unfairly of which there are evidences. The fact is that women keep asking for equality but end up forgetting that they receive special treatment from men a lot of the time. It is the man who must put his heart on the line and ask the lady out, the man who must pay for everything and buy the woman gifts and the man who must open doors and carry things for the girl and the man who must never hit the girl whereas it is socially acceptable for the girl to hit the guy. Men suffer from their own stereotypes too such as being cheaters, sex and alcohol crazed and not caring about women at all when it is football season. I feel that if women are really pushing for equality and destroying the current social prejudices that they face, they must forgo these privileges that they enjoy too. Of course, I am referring to modern societies in this case and not to the extreme cases quoted in the article. In the places referred to in the article, I feel that at it’s very core, it really is a severe lack of human rights which must be addressed.

    Thank you for your comment and praises, Qi Jing, your comment truly has made me think.

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